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Foreign affairs? China. National Defense? The same. I’ll be honest — I was disappointed that there was a petition. The idea that people were demanding things or even accusing the writers of being incompetent when they basically had you hooked for a whole decade of your life is ridiculous to me. I was left feeling hopeful, sort of like the beginnings of democracy in Westeros. Maybe I’m biased but I genuinely thought that the final season was a masterpiece.

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The warnings pointed out that the companies had touted these products as working like Alzheimer’s drugs, “but naturally and without side effects.” Or as “clinically shown to help diseases of the brain, such as Alzheimer’s.” The pills, oils and capsules were said to treat other diseases, too, from stroke to erectile dysfunction. The question for state, local and even federal employers now is: What happens next?

That’s because, as played by Ms. Craig, Bobbie wears her feelings on her face — and in her long-limbed question mark of a body, and in her tender, yearning voice — in a way that the audience can always read, even if her friends and lovers can’t. Like the Bobbys of yore, she’s amused and frightened by the perilously coupled partners around her. “Silver, Sword, and Stone” denies these ideas with an informed and authoritative voice, one that deserves a wide audience. Like Arana, I believe that the main problem in Latin America for the past 500 years has been racism, in its varied, nefarious guises and names. As long as the region continues to fail to address this head-on, the enormous promise of its diversity and creativity will never be fully realized, and the stories, and melancholy, Arana invokes will keep repeating instead.

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Log InWe asked 18 families to show us what they have for dinner on a typical weeknight. Mr. Yang also warned protesters to not challenge China’s sovereignty, denouncing those who defaced the Chinese government’s representative office in Hong Kong last month and threw Chinese flags into Victoria Harbor in recent days. He criticized protesters’ use of a slogan from an imprisoned activist who once advocated Hong Kong’s independence: “Liberate Hong Kong; revolution of our times.”